Health and Wellness Programs

Our Health and Wellness Programs act as aids and supplements to support various school system’s initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyle choices for their students through their health education standards and curriculum.  They also work to complement the national “Let’s Move” campaign.  This encourages healthy eating and exercise to battle obesity and holistically improve the overall health of each child and family.  Our Health and Wellness programs include the following:



 is designed to improve the eating habits and overall health of kids and their families.  Its fundamental goal is to promote disease prevention through positive, holistic life style choices by fostering an excitement for physical, mental, and spiritual health. To reach these goals, Kids Going Green uses the Healthy Kids Curriculum (HKC)


The HKC Goals include the following:

  • Educating children and parents on…
  • The effects of food on physical health.
  • The importance of making healthy choices in and outside of the home.
  • Healthy and delicious food choices.
  • How to transition into making healthier choices.
  • Products that best support physical health.

The HKC Improves Health by:

  • Empowering families with the information needed to make healthier choices.
  • Helping children and their families become more active.
  • Implementing programs that can assist in reducing obesity.
  • Promoting life-style changing.


The HBS program is designed to complement the health education curriculum and standards of the Virginia Department of Education providing instruction on sexual awareness, the human body, and ways to maintain a healthy life style.  Concepts are taught using conventional and nonconventional methods.  These methods include plays, lectures, special guest, wrap sessions, and various games.  All which promote holistic health.