About Us Page

Our History

Acewall Scholars was originally formed in 2006 as an in home and online tutoring company.  The organization was founded by Keisha Wallace, a former industrial engineer turned mathematics college professor.  With an unwavering yearning to improve the academic performance of students in the math and sciences, Acewall Scholars was design to offer students a curriculum that provided remediation, enrichment, and mastery.  With a growing awareness that many academic deficiencies stemmed from problematic areas beyond the classroom.  In 2010, Acewall Scholars began to take a more holistic approach to education and the overall personal growth of each student as they introduced the program Kids Going Green which tied together classroom performance with overall diet.

Reorganized in 2014 as a educational and mentoring organization, Acewall Scholars has adopted a more comprehensive method to reach more students in the most effective and permanent way.  Our assistance goes beyond the classroom now.  We assist our clients with not just academic growth, but social, spiritual and physical growth.  We know that every child wants to succeed in life.  So, we give them the space to see that they can, and the tenacity to determine their own definition of success.  Collectively we are determined to build relationships and positively affect the lives of all the students and families that we touch.

Our Mission

Acewall Scholars, Inc. is an organization holistically designed to engage and meet the needs of each child.  We promote the enrichment of the mind, body, and spirit.  It is our position that academics and social success are intricately connected to the overall belief in one’s capability and the depth of exposure to the different facets of our society, as well as the cultures within it.  It is with this belief that we look to broaden the vision of each child and obtain improvements in their academic and social life.